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Kelly Rowland Album Review: Talk A Good Game

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Kelly Rowland’s Talk a Good Game tries to distinguish herself from her much more famous counterpart, Beyoncé.  What the album then becomes is a sad R&B trying to prove her worth.  She may be a better singer than her, but she doesn’t have the star quality Beyoncé has.  The album, Talk a Good Game, isn’t breaking new ground when it comes to R&B and is mainly forgettable. 


Of the twelve songs on the album, the only song worth mentioning is Dirty Laundry.  While the other songs are your standard love/hate songs, Dirty Laundry provides some personal insight on her abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend.  The song is sincere and worth the listen.  She even talks about her relationship with Beyoncé when she was getting more recognition in Destiny’s Child.  That relationship was parodied across all platforms years ago but to have Rowland speak about it is bold and endearing.


Others may like Kisses Down Low but I prefer the title track and You’ve Changed.  These songs aren’t memorable in the slightest but they are well produced, well written songs.  You’ve Changed features a small Destiny’s Child reunion that sounds like pre-survivor Kelly, Beyoncé, and Michelle.  The sad thing about having a good song on the album is that it doesn’t establish itself on it’s own.


Kelly Rowland’s Talk A Good Game may strike a chord with some fans but for others, it may be a disappointment.  While some of the songs are well produced and written, they don’t provide enough diversity to be warranted as memorable.  Maybe you should stick with listening to Kelly’s past albums instead.

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