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Ke$ha Joins Rehab For Bulimia

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KESHA SEBERT at 26th Genesis AwardsWhat exactly is happening with Ke$ha being in rehab? The answer maybe due to a outside source claiming she needs to lose weight. Dr. Luke, music producer, is rumored to have been the catalyst of Ke$ha’s Christmas breakdown and her eventual enrollment in rehab. Lukasz Gottwald, known professionally as Dr. Luke is accused by Pebe Sebert, Ke$ha’s mother, of instigating her to lose weight.

At one point he told her that she looked like a refrigerator and told her that she needed to go on a juice cleanse. Dr. Luke had been telling her how she had to get in shape and lose weight and all this stuff. She was exercising and dieting and ultimately doing everything she could, but not getting thin fast enough,” explained Sebert.

Experts did say that Ke$ha’s rehab stint may very well be a positive choice in getting healthy. “In-patient treatment is often really important and it takes time,” says Kate Taylor, editor of the book Going Hungry: Writers on Desire, Self-Denial, and Overcoming Anorexia.


Dr. Luke did disagree with Sebert’s allegations of “fat shaming” releasing a statement:

“These statements and allegations concerning Dr. Luke are completely false. It is unfortunate that at a time Ke$ha is suffering immensely and trying to heal at a treatment center, her mother is taking this approach with the media. I give Ke$ha my utmost support and well wishes for a quick return to health.”


What are your thoughts about Ke$ha’s [alleged] fat shaming producer, Dr. Luke?

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