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Katy Perry Set To Turnup 2013 With Prism

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She’s the creator of hits like, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream”. She’s sold millions of records and has a style like no other. Her last album went double platinum in the U.S., and she was the visionary behind her worldwide “California Dreams Tour”. She’s pushed boundaries, broken records, and created a fan base across the globe. After taking a short break Katy Perry is back in the office and releasing singles leading to the October twenty-second release of her new record, “Prism”.

The first official single off her new album is entitled, “Roar”. An upbeat track about not being afraid to be yourself.With a back track that begins with staccato piano chords, tom drums, and synth sounds and grabs a guitar ensemble on its way into the chorus. It is easy to hear the fantastic mixing done on this record.

The next single released, “Dark Horse”, truly embodies its title. A record about how her love is both perfect and never to be crossed. Featuring Juicy J the track has an amazing set of beats. Somewhere in between a pop anthem and hip hop show-stopper.This song sports what is clearly hip hop back track, infused with synthesizers, pianos, and one outstanding snare drum. Juicy J’s verse is less than spectacular, but manages to get the point across (Katy Perry is not one to play with). An overall fantastic track with a major turnup factor.

Her third single called, “Walking on Air”, is a flashback to the 80’s. Katy with the help of some very ironic autotune sings about how her lover’s love takes her to new places. It’s track is literally a blast from the past, its background track is reminiscent of a European disco, and the sample they used sounded like it belonged in my mothers cd collection.

These songs are edgy, different, and are telling me that Katy Perry’s next album is sure to be a pop revelation.