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Kanye West On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Did you see Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel last night? It was an event that was filled with laughs, cringes, and face-palming moments. In case you didn’t know, both Kimmel and West were in a battle with words over a skit Kimmel did parodying the Black Skinhead rapper. In the skit, Kimmel used a child to reenact an interview West did, complete with profanity and milkshakes. This lead to an unhappy West posting hateful tweets on Twitter bashing the comedian.

The “feud” ended when West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Over and over, both men insisted that the feud wasn’t a publicity stunt, though everyone online is questioning the validity of that statement. “I don’t do publicity stunts,” shouted West during the interview. He would go on and give long response answers to short questions, making the experience sort of uncomfortable.


At point West insisted that he was a creative genius, to which Kimmel sort of agreed. The whole ordeal felt staged and not genuine, as a way to promote himself or his label, G.O.O.D. Music, which he mentioned a few times during the interview.


If you want to see the initial video and the interview that followed, scroll down.

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