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Kanye Head Injury Inspires New Song Called “Hard Head Slaves”

Kanye Wallows In Pain As His Ego Is Bruised

Kanye West has been making a huge tirade over the past few days after walking into a pole.  See the video below if you haven’t yet.  He went on stage and was blaming paparazzo about his inability to foresee metal signs and claimed he isn’t a celebrity.   Well, it turns out Mr. West is calming down by turning his least embarrassing moment into a big success, maybe.

Watch as West bangs his head

West was quoted in Time Magazine that he decided to take the sound of his head smashing into a metal sign to produce a new hit song.  He goes on:


“Hitting my head wasn’t an all-time low, I mean, I did impregnate a Kardashian.  What I mean is that banging my head against a metal sign has opened up a new possibility of music producing.”


We can’t wait to hear what his new single would sound like. Best of luck to West’s ego.>

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