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Kanye Drops New ‘Yeezus’ Teaser On His Site

While little is known about the newest Kanye West album except that it may sport one or two covers, see above.  There was a listening party about a week ago and people were saying that the album sounds nothing like any of his previous work, even 808s and Heartbreaks.  People who were invited to the listening party claim his music is a bit darker than previous records and with a new teaser that he posted on his website, those rumors could be proven true.  Check it out here.

The video, if you haven’t or couldn’t, is West in a studio rapping.  He says “I just talked to Jesus/He said, ‘What up, Yeezus?’/I said, ‘Sh–, I’m chillin’/Tryin’ to stack these millions/I know he’s the most high/But I am a close high/Mi casa su casa/ That’s na costa nostra.”  The camera pulls back and we see Rick Rubin, infamous music producer, telling him, “millions sounds better than billions.  It’s more relatable for the people,” to which they laugh and the video ends; the song in the video is ‘I Am A God.’


The video looks like something the general public wasn’t supposed to see, like if it was leaked.  That’s why I enjoyed watching the video over and over and over again.  Yet, I began a little mad because of West’s and Rubin’s cockiness.  Some people will throw their hands in the air for West’s blasphemy of Jesus but I was more upset about the ‘millions/billions’ line Rubin drops.


Am I looking forward to this album? Less now than before but I still want to know all about the hype surrounding this album. Yeezus drops everywhere on Tuesday, June 18.



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