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K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul Album Review

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K. Michelle’s first album has been long awaited ever since she signed her first record deal in 2008. Five years and a new record deal later, she has finally made her debut with Rebellious Soul and it appears to be worth the wait by offering and honest, soulful account of a woman finding her own way in life.

The opening track “My Life” is a solid tune. She boasts a gorgeous voice, but holds back on the raw emotions. While I was initially disappointed by the restrained beginning, she quickly pours her soul in the next track “Damn“. The song is brutally honest and has a bit of that K. Michelle that we grew to love-hate in Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. “Pay My Bills” is another solid track. While it’s crude and vulgar, every bit of her unlady-like lyrics are sang flawlessly, showcasing that long-awaited talent.

She also brings a few, lovely tender moments to the album with her songs “I Don’t Like Me” and “A Mother’s Prayer”. “I Don’t Like Me” isn’t like any K. Michelle song you’ve ever heard. It’s reserved, certainly a strong turn from her other bold tracks. The song expresses her issues with self-esteem. It’s depressing and dark while remaining delicate. “A Mother’s Prayer” is the sweet closing track almost certainly dedicated to her son, Chase. The song is a mother’s plea for nothing but happiness for her child.

But K. Michelle’s debut album isn’t without flaws. “Sometimes” features a bizarre operatic interlude that doesn’t quite fit with her style. She redeems herself in “Ride Out” but the album would have been nearly flawless with out the interlude.

We’ve waited years for K. Michelle’s album and it was worth nearly every moment. She has proven that she belongs in the world of soul among the greats and she will certainly be here to stay much longer.


Mackenzie is an Alabama native attending NYU and studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She hopes to one day live in London and write for the BBC.