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Justin Bieber To Fly In Space?

Do you have a measly $200 thousand to spend and don’t know what to spend it on?  Well then, get in contact with Virgin Galactic and take a trip to space.  Ashton Kutcher and Leo DiCaprio are doing it and the latest person to sign on is Justin Bieber.  Bieber, along with his manager, Scooter Braun, forked over the cash to earn a spot to fly into space.

Bieber, along with his manager are the two newest people to join the 600+ people already signed on to join to head 62 miles into space.  Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, took to twitter to make the announcement of Bieber flying out into outer space.

While I don’t like the kid very much, I would have to say that I’m very jealous of him right now.  I would love to travel to space but at the cost of $200,000, there is no point where I could use that money to buy myself a house and a car and pay off my student loans.  Best of luck to Bieber and Braun on their impending trip to space.


Source: Newsday