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Justin Bieber Says The N-Word?

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Controversy is spreading about Justin beiber having or having not said a racial epithet in a new song title What She Wants. In the song, ‘Bieber’ sings the N-Word, and no, it ain’t nacho. Biebs said that he has nothing to do with the song and that whole thing is cruel hoax.

Though Biebs and his camp has denied even recording the song, the controversy is still present online. Though Biebs rep has come out and stated the singer behind the song is 20-year-old Khali Underwood, which sounds almost identical to the Canadian singer.


I still remain skeptical over the whole ordeal simply because Biebs has called hoax before. Remember the spitting fiasco? He claimed that was a hoax too. He’s just the boy who cried hoax. Here, have a listen.



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