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Justin Bieber Retires From Music

justin-bieber-the-key-perfume-650-430Justin Bieber has officially announced his retirement on Twitter on Christmas Eve. Yes, the teenaged singer known for his catchy pop songs and more recently for his wild antics took to Twitter to say he’s putting down the microphone and entering retirement. The announcement occurred at ten-twenty in the evening on December 24. However, is the pop star really retiring? He just so happens to be “retiring” on the eve of his sequel premier.

According to Fox News, this isn’t the first time Bieber has claimed he would retire. On an LA radio station, the young singer announced he would be retiring after the release of his new album, Journals, earlier this month. “After the new album, I’m actually retiring man,” he told the station. Now this new tweet just confirms his intentions.

Or does it?


Reddit user zvish managed to take a screenshot of Bieber following tweet approximately twenty minutes after the announcement; Bieber tweeted out “Lol” possibly hinting at a publicity stunt.



Remember when Jay Z retired about ten years ago? Or when Brett Favre announced his retirement? Or when Michael Jordan walked away from basketball the second time? It seems that no one ever stays retired in show business.


Here’s what I think is going on; Bieber announces his retirement a day before his movie coming out. The movie does a great job of showing his fans that he really isn’t a bad guy, he’s just misunderstood; his fans then want him to come back and they rally and petition to do so. He announces a comeback concert, sells out tickets, and releases a new album to boot. Jay Z did the same thing sans the film.


What are your thoughts on Bieber ‘retiring’?

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