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Justin Bieber Marries Self In Surprising Move

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The E!xclusive news comes from E! News

Nearly a week after winning the milestone award at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber has officially announced his next move is marriage.  But whom is he going to marry?  Selena Gomez has since moved on from their relationship and he hasn’t been spotted with anyone else.  E! News broke the story that Bieber is on track to marry himself.

Not much is known about the marriage of Bieber and Bieber but some people are outraged.  While he is marrying himself, some groups are claiming that the marriage is a same-sex marriage.  A spokesperson for the West Borough Baptist Church has come out with a statement, “Justin Bieber marrying himself is an abomination amongst the morality of man and of our Christian religion.”


The issue of Bieber marrying himself has also been seen as a positive thing amongst his ‘Beliebers.’  One fan tweeted, “Bieber marrying himself is the only way @JustinBieber can truly be happy.  #IBelieb.”


Critics of Bieber are ecstatic about the news.  One critic even going as far as to saying, “he can finally do what I’ve been saying for years; he can go f*ck himself.”

This is the first time we’ve heard about a star marrying themselves since the Kanye West debacle.  West was proposing to himself in a mirror when Kim Kardashian was walking by and mistook his love for himself for her.  The rest is history.


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