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Justin Bieber Gets Beat By Talk Show Host

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If you haven’t seen Between Two Fern with Zach Galifianakis, then you should definitely get right on that. Zach Galifianakis, the fat guy from The Hangover movies, invites celebrities to a faux talk show and rips them a new one; sometimes the guests fire back. It’s a hilarious four to five minute, scripted video that will have you quoting lines to your friends. His latest guest was Justin Beiber and after his recent antics and his being in the news, it would have been a good opportunity to just tear him apart.

While the video wasn’t particularly funny throughout, the only issues brought up were the Anne Frank incident, speeding in traffic, and public urination. However, what lacked in humor made up for it with its antics. About halfway through the video Galifianakis removes his belt and beats Bieber. It was truly the most satisfying thing to see in a long while.

I do have to say that Bieber’s comedic timing is terrible. If you want to see Galifianakis rip Bieber for five minutes and then beat him senselessly, check out the video below.


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