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9 Jobs In The Music Industry You Probably Never Thought Of

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The time has come for you to decide what your projected career path will be. For several years now you’ve had your sights set on a career in the music industry. With all the competition out there you might find yourself a little hesitant to jump into such a cutthroat field.

A different perspective may help you land the job you have always wanted but never knew existed. The music industry operates the same as many other industries do in that one persons job makes another person’s job possible.

Whether you want a job behind the scenes, see yourself helping others, or have a strong desire to be on the stage there is a job in the industry just waiting for you!

Here are nine jobs in the music industry you probably never thought of:

Instrument Designer– An instrument designer creates new instruments and or modifies existing ones to sell to another person or to a merchant.

Stage Rigger– The position of stage rigger requires someone who possesses strength and agility. The stage is made of heavy materials that must be removed from the truck and assembled in a timely manner. The stage rigger uses chains, cables and cranes to maneuver him/her and the materials so that stage is ready for show time.

Cruise Ship Performer– From a traveler’s point of view a cruise is the perfect vacation, being as you have your sun, food and entertainment all in one place. The cruise ship performer has the luxury of performing live every night while aboard the cruise. Their job is to keep the guests happy while they are on their trip.

Music Therapist– Music has been deemed the “universal language”, but did you know that it had healing capabilities and could make a sick person feel better. This is what a music therapist does they use music to help heal those suffering from mental or physical conditions.

Music Librarians– A traditional librarian is responsible for the safekeeping of books. A music librarian looks after music in both written format and audio formats to make sure it is there for future generations to enjoy.

Acoustical Consultants-The acoustical consultant gives advice on how to keep the current, heighten or decrease noise levels when building structures. These structures can be specifically built to house music or they can be totally unrelated to music altogether and simply need a way to keep noise at bay.

Music Historian– A music historian is someone who studies the history of music.

Piano Tuner– A piano tuner is in charge of keeping one or several pianos in tune.

Cantor-The job of cantor is to lead the choir in a church setting.

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