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Artist Spotlight: Jhene Aiko

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This Week my eye is on Jhené Aiko. She was raised in this industry beginning with her older sisters who were members of the R&B group Gyrl, who toured with Immature. She met Chris Stokes through them at the age of 5. She was signed to Epic/Sony records at the age of fourteen along with B2K as a package deal orchestrated by Chris Stokes himself. The idea was to market her under the family name saying she was a Little Fizz’s cousin. This was not a true statement, just a marketing ploy.

Artist Spotlight: Jhené Aiko


Jhené actually has an interesting heritage her mother is Japanese, Spanish, and Dominican descent. Her father is of African American, Yaqui, Choctaw, Cherokee, Navajo, and German Jewish descent.


Before she ever had the chance to make a name for herself she left the record label school on her own will. Now she’s back and all grown up. She was hand picked by No I.D. whom is responsible for introducing Kanye West and J. Cole to Jay-Z. She is the first artist signed to No I.D.s new label, a partnership with Island/DefJam.

She has been a very busy girl this year appearing on Big Sean’s latest single “Beware”. She has also featured on Drake’s new album, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s Born Sinner among others.

The singer/writer released her debut EP Sail Out, a mellow and deeply personal piece. I have compared her style of music to Drake. From the production to the lyrics, their music is very similar.

Artist Spotlight: Jhené Aiko

Jhené claims that the EP is inspired by marijuana due to the fact she was high during the entire process. This would explain the mood of the project. Her new video with Childish Gambino “Bed Peace” is reliving the image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It’s a strong statement that shows us that she is a little deeper then pretty looks and marijuana.

Artist Spotlight: Jhené Aiko

With her debut album Sold Out set to drop in 2014, I expect Jhené Aiko to make a big splash over the next year. Look for her name in the writing credits of other artists as well.

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