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Jennifer Lopez Stalker Living In Her Home?!

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In latest stalker news, a man was living in Jennifer Lopez’s home for six days before being caught by her security. Yes, the man, whose name is John M. Dubis, had been living comfortably in the Lopez home, Facebooking his visit, roaming around the house and taking dips in the pool, for the better part of a week before anyone realizing he was there.


The man claimed that he was a former lover of Lopez when being escorted out of the house. He was charged with burglary, stalking and criminal contempt. However, this isn’t the first time Dubis has been in trouble with the law and Lopez. Lopez has a protective order against him after he contacted her mother. Lopez and her children weren’t home at the time but it’s scary to think someone could be living in your house without anyone noticing.


Source: TMZ

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