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Jay-Z Set to Release An Album of Lullabies

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Rockabye Baby! is a group known for taking hit songs and transforming them into beautiful, soothing lullabies and the latest addition (and one of the first rap contributions) is a collection of Jay-Z’s hit songs.

The album, set to release on July 9th, consists of 12 songs, including “Empire State of Mind”, “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle” will rework each track to create a more peaceful and child-appropriate tune. Baby-friendly instruments like the xylophone, bells, and flutes, will replace Jay-Z’s original work. Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z can be bought in the US for a mere $16.98 to ease your child into a soothing slumber. The CD will also feature Jay-Z themed games to play with the tots and baby food recipes.

With all the commotion around Beyonce’s latest pregnancy rumors finally slowing, maybe now Blue Ivy can spend her time with her parents listening to these cool and much more appropriate versions of her dad’s music.

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