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Jay Z Partners With K Mart To Release Album

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After going platinum almost instantly on the fourth of July, Jay Z must feel pretty good about Magna Carta Holy Grail and his deal with Samsung. With the Samsung app for Galaxy phones, Samsung bought 1,000,000 copies for customers; the RIAA had to reevaluate how digital sales affect the album’s status. Now it has been confirmed that Jay Z will release his next album with a partnership with K Mart. Walking in the footsteps of Martha Stewart and Sofia Vergara, Jay Z will release Watch The Throne 2 through K Mart early next year.

In a press release from the retail giant, customers will be able to pick up the Jay Z/ Kanye West compilation after they purchase Angel Soft toilet paper and a copy of Magna Carta Holy Grail. For customers who have purchased MCHG, they can simply buy any album after The Black Album and they will be eligible to receive a copy of WTT 2. WTT2 is set to release in May 2014.