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Jay Z, Nas To Come Out With ‘Kings Of NY’ Mixtape

Since Kendrick Lamar said he was the king of New York, many rappers took to Twitter to vent. Yes, Twitter. While only a limited number of rappers have responded to Lamar, Jay Z and Nas are doing it big. Word has leaked from the Def Jam website that Jay Z and Nas are planning to release a free mixtape titled The Kings of NY. On the cover of the mixtape, you can clearly make out that the top line states that P. Diddy is producing the tracks on the album.


The whole reason why Kanye West and Jay Z released Watch The Throne is because the plethora of new talent entering the rap game was staggering; they had to prove they were worth something or get out. When Lamar stated that ruled NY, all eyes were on Jay and Nas to see how they would respond.


Instead of coming out with a song aimed toward the Compton native, it seems as though their releasing a mixtape aimed at anyone who thinks they can step up. The leak on Def Jam’s website, which has since been plugged, also had a screenshot of the tracklist. If the tracklist is 100% accurate remains to be seen. However, if it is real, it could make for a great listen. I managed to save the image before it was taken down.



New York native rappers like French Montana, KRS-One and Mobb Deep make the cut including Rick Ross, Kanye West, Drake and Justin Timberlake. When will we be able to listen to this album? Hopefully soon. Based on this tracklist, the mixtape could be finished. For the latest updates on The Kings of NY mixtape by Jay Z and Nas, stay with So So Active.