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Jamblr: Affordable Mobile Applications for all Artists

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Jamblr is a mobile entertainment software design and development company based out of Nashville, TN. Jamblr specializes in affordable artist-based apps for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the companies CEO ,Benjamin Wade Inman, via Twitter and I decided to reach out to him for an interview. Luckily he accepted and we had a great conversation about his background, the future of mobile music and Jamblr’s vision of making mobile applications affordable for all artists.

Kelland: I had a chance to check out your site. You guys definitely have some cool stuff going on…I guess I wanted to get an idea of your background and how long you have been working on Jamblr?
Benjamin:My background..Well I have a 12 year background in music and marketing. I started off in pop, gospel, country and I’m still working with some Christian Pop artists right now. My background gave me the oppurtunity to be abreast on the trends in music and it’s obvious that music is in headed in the direction of mobile. We designed the software about a year and a half ago, but we officially launched in January. As more people are adopting to listening to music on cellphones we know that’s it’s gonna take about 2-3 years to get where we are trying to go.

Kelland: Are you guys primarily targeting independent artists or are you targeting major label artists as well?
Benjamin: We actually work with both, but the way we have it priced makes it affordable for the independent artists. The other options which are currently available are way too expensive for an independent artist. You know? Most independent artists don’t have 6k to 8k to have a custom application developed. We really wanna level the playing field. We work with all genres of artists. It doesn’t matter who they are or what their message is we just want to help them get their music in mobile devices.

Kelland: So when you say custom apps can you give me an idea of some of the apps that you have worked on?
Benjamin:Yeah we are actually working with Jackie Velasquez. She is a Christian Pop artist who has sold over 13 million records. She has a new album coming out on February 7. We are building an app for her album release. Trailer Choir, is a big country group in Nashville who signed with Toby Keith is another group we are working with.

Kelland: Is it a good idea for an independent artist with a small budget to invest in having a mobile app developed?
Benjamin: Of course, the way we have our apps built is to actually help the artists sell music. In our apps there are actually two different points of purchase that allow fans to download individual tracks, as well as a merchandise cart that we have tied into it. Also, there are two elements of social discovery that we have programmed that pulls the social network that the fans are currently using which helps their message go viral.

Kelland:What separates Jamblr?
Benjamin: We are small company. We can make changes we need to make to accommodate every client. For example, Mobile Roadie charges $500 dollars just to get on their platform and that’s for either android or I-Phone and if you want both its $950. And they charge an additional $30 per month with a limit of 1k downloads per month. Our’s is $250 dollars right now and that’s it. No monthly fee, no download limitations and no additional fees. We plan on going up in the near future but that’s our price right now.

Kelland: What are some of the biggest challenges that you are facing?
Benjamin:Most of the artists that we work with it they get it. SO its the the labels. So it’s these older guys who are 50 or 60 years old that don’t necessarily get. Our road block right now is convincing the labels that they need the technology. That’s why we usually go directly to the artists cause that’s whose paying for it at the end of the day. That why we love to work with indie labels, because it’s no bureaucracy or red tape to jump through.

Kelland: What does the future look like for Jamblr?
Benjamin:Android alone is activating 300,000 handsets a day.
Kelland: Wow
Benjamin:These figures I’m gonna give you are based on what I have from last December. Android has 37% of the US market where Apple only has 17%. On a global scale, Android is projected to have 49% of the entire global market by the middle of this year and Apple is projected to have only 10%. A lot of it has to do with the fact that Android is open-sourced and we are looking to take advantage of these trends. So in terms of the future we think we will be positioned as the market starts to grow and more people begin to adapt to consuming music on mobile devices.

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