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iTraxs – Edit music or audio tracks right on your phone.

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iTraxs-Review 2.5 out of 5

iTraxs is the latest iPhone App from Majestyk Apps LLC. This App allows users to trim music or audio tracks on your phone, then cut and mix your perfect playlist all on an easy to use interface. iTraxs allows you to focus in on the music you like the most and forget the rest – you can create a truly customized playlist with this app.

This handy music editing App features a shuffle capable music player so you can listen to your tracks within the App, alternatively if you’d rather listen to the songs with the rest of your music library, you can export the edited tracks via iTunes.

Itraxs was designed and built by two Iona College students. It currently has 450 subscribers including users from nine different countries. It averages 10 downloads a day after it was introduced on the 7th of January this year and has since increased to 18 per day.

In my humble opinion I believe this App is simple to use and I had no trouble navigating myself around on the simple navigation system. I do believe this App offers a great service however I am yet to be convinced of the advantages it offers to the majority of iPhone users. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a ‘house’ or ‘trance’ music lover, iTraxs is a must have in your collection. As for the rest of us I think it would be a rarely used tool. I give the App 2.5 stars out of 5 simply for the appealing design, easy to use system, and the use it will have for some music lovers. As for the rest of us – we don’t really need it.