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Is There Such Thing As “Good Taste In Music”?

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I am what you might call a “music lover”. The first thing I want to know about someone is what kind of music they like. The response I hate the most is…”oh I listen to everything”….to me that just means you don’t listen to anything.

I like hearing a well structured response like..”I love folk for the most part like Paul Simon. but I love other stuff too”. But that rarely happens.

So I got to thinking…Does a good taste in music really exist?

Can someone be better at liking music than someone else? The fair and just person in me says no, someone who LOVES Brittany Spears feels the same thing as someone who LOVES small indie bands. But, unfortunately I don’t like to listen to that person inside me very much.

In all honesty I DO believe that someone can have a “better taste” than someone else. And here is why. I believe some people are more capable of hearing music and connecting those sounds into feelings and emotions. It’s really something you are born with. Everyone can do it but some better than others. So lets put this on a scale.

Say someone with a 1 in connecting music to feelings is at the bottom of the scale and someone with a 10 is at the top. That means that someone with a 1 can hear a song with a VERY simple message and turn that message into a feeling. For example a pop song like ‘I hope you dance’ is very easy to connect the song to taking advantage of life, the lyrics of the song are self explaining and the tone of the song matches them. Now lets look at a 10.

A ten is someone who has the ability to hear a song that is about a very complex and deep emotion like dealing with jealousy of a family member lets say for example. A 10 can hear a song and connect that song with its sound and lyrics to that emotion. Therefore he is able to connect music too much heavier and complex emotions, giving him a superior taste. So what you get is 1’s listening to pop music with very simple and easily recognizable emotions like “love” or “hate”…then you get musicians that deal with those emotions in a much deeper and specific sense.

If you are a 10 you can feel those emotions and relate to them through the music. Very few bands in history have been able to appeal to both…the Beatles for example could write a song like “daytripper” and 1’s could dance and sing along to the song and 10’s could understand that this song was about experimenting with drugs. This is what makes them such a timeless band.

This is my theory and I don’t mean to sound arrogant or cocky, I consider myself to be about a 7 or 8. I don’t find jazz music appealing but I know it’s because I can’t find the emotions and feelings in it that others can. I would love to be able to but I can’t. Please let me know what you think.

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  • http://www.garycatona.com/ Gary Catona

    Who are we to judge someone’s preferences, and how can we deem whether it is good or bad?  Someone may better be able to connect to a song, but does that mean that what they like is better than what someone else likes?