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Is ReverbNation Really Worth The Time and Effort?

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ReverbNation is another social music service that provides a means for music recording artists of various sorts to upload and promote their music to new listeners and acquire new fans.

Similar to Myspace it provides a detailed artist profile for musicians to showcase music, videos, and statistics that display how many plays and fans you have received on a daily/weekly basis.

While the entire construct of Reverbnation is based around the same controls as MySpace, the look and feel of the entire service is catered specifically to musicians/artists with no fan interaction aside from e-mail sharing. It does allow you to integrate with your Facebook fan page and the media players can also be embedded to your blog/website.

There are features that give independent artists more control over their promotions, by using various premium services that offer marketing tools for those artists that lack the proper team/management to increase brand exposure. Services such as the Mobile App, Reverb Press Kit, Pro Widgets, and Fan Reach are all tools that allow musicians a more professional approach to the digital aspect of music marketing, but every individual services comes with a monthly fee.

Reverbnation also serves as a digital distribution center, allowing artists to sell their music on Itunes as well as their merchandise. Just as Myspace offered, there is a Live Show calendar for artists to update their upcoming performances and promote them via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, etc.

Another unique feature is the statistic summary; which shows where you rank amongst other ReverbNation artists in your area and around the globe, but these numbers serve little to no purpose aside from stroking one’s ego. I personally have noticed out of the top 25 artists in my local region, only a handful are actual regular performers with a substantial and valid fan base.

It still seems to be an uphill battle for up and coming artists to increase their brand’s exposure to the point that leads to more bookings, showcases, and music placements.

Reverbnation does what it can to offer support opportunity, but it merely serves as a fun hobby like service for amateur artists across the board to brag to friends about their musical ambitions. I have yet to see any true use that will give unheard talent the opportunity to take the next step in their career.

Personally, I think it’d be in the best interest of MySpace and Reverbnation consolidate their brands and offer themselves to the Facebook conglomerate as a true multi-media platform, giving true music fans what they use to love in the glory days of social networking.