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Is Google the Most Powerful Company in Music?

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With the launching of Google Music, the purchase of the Android Inc. and YouTube, Google may be the most powerful player in the music business. If someone would have told me five years that a search engine would be on the verge of dominating the future of the music business I would have thought “possible but unlikely.” We’re nearing the end of 2011 and it looks like Google is on point to be the most powerful company in music very soon, especially if they can pull of the deal with Universal Records which would make its catalog available for sale on YouTube.

While, I am not quite sold on Google Music yet I can say that with its stronghold on the Android OS and ownership of YouTube alone makes it a serious commodity in the new music business. With the mobile music business set to explode within the next five years and Android being the go to platform for “regular people, “ Google is seriously in position to reap the benefits. YouTube is already the second most used search engine behind Google and if Google Music does what Google hopes we may very soon be “Watching the Throne.”

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