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Iron Sky is Coming Your Way Soon

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Iron Sky fever is spreading across the world. A low(ish) budget film from Finland has been taking over Twitter and Facebook, with filmmakers, critics and fans complaining about its limited distribution.

In fact, if you don’t get to the cinema in the UK on Wednesday 23 May 2012, there’s a danger you may never see it on the big screen at all. And that would be a shame.

Mind you, with the power of the people behind it, don’t be surprised to find distributors Revolver changing their minds. As they say, watch this space.

And the DVD will at least have the advantage that you can replay the moments you miss. Alongside the uncomfortable images of swastikas and Nazis, there are some brilliant moments in this movie that you’ll want to replay.

Funny? For sure. In an era where we’re all getting a bit more savvy about the politics of the media, there’s a classic that you might miss if you blink or focus too heavily on the massive Nazi invasion from the moon. Suffice it to say, the FDA has a message it wants to hide.

A female Hitler-esque dictator (Peta Sargeant as Vivian Wagner) who gets a touch of the Iron Lady is hilarious. You have to know that Margaret Thatcher changed her voice, her clothes, her hair and her handbag on accession to power to get some of the references with this villain.

There’s a moment when you realise that, in the unlikely event that Sarah Palin ever becomes president, this is the show she’d run. Stephanie Paul plays the female president you NEVER want to see in power.

This is a film that takes its characters from big-budget films, from cartoons, from history and from comic books. There’s a diversity that comes together in a slightly cheesy ending (Christopher Kirby is genius throughout as James Washington) with the implied warning that if we carry on the way we’re going, we might just end up destroying ourselves.
Did I say you should go and see it if you can? You really should. It’s far from perfect but I simply wanted it to start again once it had finished.

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