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Interview With Luke James of Island Def Jam

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Island Def Jam recording artist Luke James is an emerging R&B singer who is on the verge of something very big. With a consign from Beyonce, a super slick pen and unmatched vocal abilities the New Orleans bred singer/songwriter is a breath of fresh air to the world of R&B. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to speak with Mr. James and here are the results.

How was it working with Beyonce?
It was definitely a good look. Beyonce and the Destiny’s Child family have been supporters of my music since day one.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, who would you choose and why?
I have a bunch of people I would love to collaborate with, especially Elle Varner.

Who inspired you to write “I Want You?”
Jesus! The hardships of life and love in its purist form. I was in a relationship, and I didn’t quite understand what I had. It took me losing that person for me to wake up with the epiphany of how I truly felt about them.

Out of all of songs which one is your favorite?
That’s a a hard question. It’s like asking which one of your kids is your favorite. I don’t think I have written it yet.

If we took a look at your playlist, what songs would we see?
I’m currently working on my album, so I’m listening to a lot fo my own stuff right now. I listen to a Jazz player named Christian Scott, Elle Varner, Marvin Gaye and a lot of other people.

What can we expect to see from Luke James in the near future?
Right now the focus is completing this album I’m working on. I’m gonna put another free album in the next month or so-called the “Interludes,” because it’s gonna be the interlude to the album that I have coming out next year.

So here is a question that all the ladies want to know. Is there a special woman in your life right now?

How long has she been in your life?
For a very long time. (Laughs) Since I was born.

Your Mom?
Of course Lol…

Outside of your mom?
Yes, there is a special lady in my life. It’s been a couple of years now.

What are your favorite spot in New Orleans?
I love being at my mother’s house and just hanging around friends and family. Also, I love taking a ride on the trolley in Uptown New Orleans.

What places would you suggest to someone who has never been to New Orleans?
I would tell anyone that the best time to go to New Orleans is during Jazz Fest, because it really embodies the culture of New Orleans. It’s a great combination of Jazz, Zydeco, Gospel, Blues and Alternative music.

Who has been the most influential person in your life.
I would say first my mother. Just her undying love, strength and compassion for me and the rest of the world. Second, I would say my managers, who have been father/uncle figures to me because I was raised in a house without a father.

What is one question that you wished someone would ask you in an interview, and what is the answer?
Do I know who I am? The answer is I don’t know who I am, and I’m still learning.