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Interview with Ari Stein of WahWah.FM

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WahWah.FM is a next generation mobile music app that turns your iPhone into mobile radio station. It’s an idea that many have pondering on including me but the German start-up led by CEO Phillip Eibach made it happen. WahWah recently launched in the U.S. at this years SXSW Music festival as set to disrupt the way we interact with music. Here is a interview I had last week with the Head of Communications Ari Stein.

Explain WahWah.FM in your own words?
WahWah.FM is a mobile based app, where anyone in the world can become a live broadcasting radio station.

Is it only available in Germany and the U.S. of now?
Yes, we are looking to expand in some of the territories pretty soon, but we are taking our time to get it right in those countries first.

How many songs are currently available in your library?
We have a catalog of about 7 million songs available through 7 Digital. However, once you set your channel up you are a web radio station and there are limitations to choosing music carefully. You can only choose three songs in a row and some other web radio guidelines.

How has the response been since launching?
It’s been great. You know we are just starting. It’s been a challenging even though we have gotten off to a great start, we are still tweaking the app so that it can be used more efficiently.

What are some of the unique social features that WahWah offers? Right now you can share your channel through Facebook and we are working on a Twitter integration as we speak. If you want to broadcast a channel you can share songs with your friends on Facebook with one click and you friends can immediately download the app and tune in to your channel. You can also broadcast and interact with your listeners from within the app as well.

What are some of the current challenges you guys are facing? Good question, because we really don’t have any competition. In terms of current environment, the kind of things that we are up against is usually is just moving forward and releasing in every territory. We would like to release WahWah to the world as soon as possible, to stay on top of the market. We also wanna make sure users are coming back, so in the early stage we have to monitor user behavior closely to increase the retention rate. Hopefully, we will be releasing and the Android within the next few months.

What is the long-term vision for WahWah.FM?
The first thing is we want to revolutionize the way people socialize around music. We want to be the disruptor in the market as well as the solution while changing the way people interact with music.

With so many music apps being released, how do you get the attention of the general public?
It’s hard because the landscape of digital music is forever changing and people always want different solutions. Who knows, in five to ten years apps might not be around it may evolve to something else. We want to get to as much attention as possible by creating the best product, making fundamentally important within the market and we want to make it product that appeals to more than music lovers; brands, record labels and business.