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Interview With Brown of the Sore Losers

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Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Brown, the hilarious and talented frontman of the GRAMMY-featured hip-hop band, Sore Losers.  See what we learned about the Dallas native’s achievements, future projects, and unique twitter name.

Where did you get the idea for Sore Losers come from?

My brain? Well at first, it was a duo, me and Blue. It was kind of my idea to start the group, so he kind of left it up to me.  One day, we were going back and forth and texted him like 40 names.  And then I was like we both have a mutual characteristic of competition.  We wanted to win.  So, I think Sore Losers made the most sense.  So I sent to him, and he loved it.

Where did you get your musical influence and direction from?

Brown: Well, to be honest, I would be lying if I said the group has musical direction.  Even at this point, we just make music.  It just depends on the ipod playlist at the time.  At that time [when they started the band], there was no music scene in Dallas for indie artists, especially our genre of hip-hop.  SO, we just wanted to make something that we could identify ourselves with and people that were like-minded could identify with as well.  But also separate ourselves from the mainstream of publicity like the boogie movement down here.  We just wanted music that was ours.  It was all organic.

If I had to pick any group, Gnarls Barkley kinda inspired us and N.E.R.D., but we never wanted to be like them.

Your music is different from traditional sound that has come out of Dallas. How have you been received by the fans in your hometown?

Brown: We were making music for ourselves, and people growing up in Dallas liked us because they had nothing else to identify with.  It got a really got a good retention.  So that gives you an idea of how its being received.

Congratulations!  And you were also featured by The GRAMMYs recently.  How did that feel?

Brown: I still can’t believe it!  First hip-hop band, first all black band, first Stevie Wonder cover.  I kinda feel lilke my ideas have always had potential, but to see them actually make it to where they belong…it’s a good feeling!

Aaron: I kinda copy Brown’s answer, in that same train of thought.  It was excellent, especially for this to be the first showing with this incarnation of the group.  It was an awesome honor.  To be the first black band, the first hip-hop group.  I was telling Brown how many levels you have to skip to be the first to be thrust into that category as an independent artist.  To have the opportunity to be featured by such a prestigious organization. We were all honored.  It was a great opportunity.  It was very exciting the way it came together.  Hopefully, we will continue to garner the same level of success moving forward as we have with The Grammy videos.

Other than the GRAMMYs, what were the other higlights of the year?

Brown: MTV picked up Euthanasia after the GRAMMYs did, and you know that’s a huge stride for hip-hop, making conscious music.  Its reassuring, knowing that all the hours of work were worth it.

So, you guys have had a really great year, so what can we expect from Sore Losers in the upcoming year?

Brown: Um, you can expect a project.  I can’t tell you a date, I can’t even tell you a title.  I don’t know If I can give you the name of the producer I’m working with.  But I will let you know, he’s a Grammy award winning producer, a legendary hip-hop producer.  We’re working on a project together as well as an original production with the band.  Also, some freelance stuff, That’s what the whole East Coast move is about.  Its about getting up there and getting some work done.  It’s a project that im working with individuals out there, so it made sense, logistically and financially, to go out there and make it work. Aaaand that’s what you have to look forward to!  That and my excitement!

That collaboration sounds exciting!  So what artists would you want to collaborate with?

Brown: D’Angelo!

And what hip-hop artist?

Brown: Yelawolf, I think he’s a talented lyricist

Other than Yelawolf, what other songs in your opinion do you admire for their lyricism?

Brown: Well, lately I’ve been really into gangsta rap.  And a lyric that I like right now is from that Rick Ross song featuring Drake, “Us”: “Photos taken, four door Maybach I know you hatin’/ Stayin’ with women from Staten Island my flows so flagrant.”

So, you were with another group before forming Sore Losers?

Brown: Yeah I was with a million groups before this.  I been starting bands sincle like 5th grade.  I started a record label before this unofficially called Paper Soldiers Ent., and the group was 3 Wise Guys.  It was me and 2 other rappers.  That’s the first time people heard me.

On twitter, your name is encyclopedia brown…is that like the boy from the mystery books?

Brown: It is!  I didn’t have a lot to choose from.  It was either that or Charlie Brown. Also, can I change my answer to the collaboration question? I would collaborate with Yasmin Bey (aka Mos Def).
Good choice!  You know he was in Austin this weekend and I missed him!

Oh man!  Well once we get this feature out the way, I’ll get you an autograph!

Follow them out on twitter @SoreLosers and check out their Grammy performance here: http://youtu.be/UT5FEn5_89A and other Grammy performance videos here: http://bit.ly/SYy5yE.

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