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Interview with Jon Ostrow of Ariel Publicity

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Ariel Publicity is a New York based digital marketing firm that literally wrote the book on digital pr for musicians. From setting up a successful content strategy; to building a mailing list, Ariel Publicity is the go to place for music marketing in the post CD era. Below is an interview I had last week with Ariel’s Director of Publicity Jon Ostrow.

What does cyber pr mean for musician?
It means specifically building a digital footprint. What we are not trying to do is promote to a traditional outlet, which the music industry is finding out is working less and less. We are helping independent musicians build a foundation for themselves online. Where they can connect with other musicians on a niche basis, a location they wanna play at and new fans that want to hear their music.

How does Ariel Publicity help artists to find their niche market?
We work one on one with artists to create a tailored campaign for them. Before we take on a project, we spend a lot of time getting to know them and their background.

A lot of times, there are different things that may pop up that we can use for their promotional material. Whether it’s an artist that they have worked with, an illness or their religion – which can be used to pitch to different media outlets. In the end, it comes down to those passions that end up connecting them with fans who have the same interests as them. Those are the fans that will become your life long super fans that will go to your shows, buy your t-shirts, and tell their friends.

What does a typical campaign look like?
Cyber Pr is an entire platform in itself which we created. It was completely built from the ground up by Ariel Publicity. We have over 3,000 new media makers: bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers, pirate radio stations and other content creators. These content creators have their own profile on our platform and we match them up with our artists.

Tell me about Ariel’s book ‘Music Success In Nine Weeks.’
It’s a book Ariel wrote several years ago, and that book is the entire philosophy of how we run our campaigns. It’s ultimately helping musicians get established on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even their own blog. It not only gets them establish, but it also helps musicians create a content strategy to consistently release quality content online.

What is your background in the music industry?
I started a website called Miccontrol.com a few years ago, that is a blogging community for people to share career development content for musicians. Through that site, I met a lot of key people including Ariel.

What type of advice would you give a new artist looking to establish a digital footprint?
The best advice would be to start a newsletter and build a mailing list. Album sales, ticket sales and merchandise sales all stem from that mailing list.