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Interview with Cincinnati Bengal, Michael Johnson

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All-American Michael Johnson joined the Cincinnati Bengals in 2009 as their Defensive End and Outside Linebacker.  This gentleman ball player spoke to us this week about his game, his charity, and of course, his favorite tunes and artists.

Congratulations on AFC Defensive the Player of the Week!  How was it to receive that title?

It was unreal.  It’s just the beginning of a lot more things to come. I’m excited.

On Twitter, your nickname is The Sack Machine.  How did you get that nickname?          

Oh man, I didn’t know that!  I guess because I’ve been getting to the quarterback lately.  But I just got to keep it up.  That’s the plan.

Its always wonderful to see athletes giving back, just as you are through the MJ93 Foundation.  Tell us a little bit about it and why is giving back especially through education so important to you?    

Growing up I had a lot of people helping me out along the way and I wanted to be that little spark for someone one that helps them go on to do big things, just realize their dreams and go forth.  I think that be a blessing for me for me to help somebody like that because I know I’ve been helped too.  Sometimes you need that little extra push.  If I could be that for someone, that’d be great.  Once you’re informed on things that you know your knowledge increases.  You can lose other things, education is something that once you have it you got it good.  You can change just by what you put in your head.

What kind of music is on your ipod right now?  Who are your favorite artists right now?              

Right now Kendrick Lamar. A little West Coast thing going.  I try to open up to different music.  When I was growing up I was big into Common and Erykah Badu.  I like music from the south.  Cash money, Lil Wayne  All the artists from Atlanta.  My cousin, he put us on the music from the Northeast.

Do you have a song that you listen to pump you up for a big game?    

Yeah its an old song.  Murder, Murder.  Its kind of a rough song.  I like the beat.  And its part of a little chant we would say when we were in high school…”murder, murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill, kill…”  We would always sing that.  That was 11 years ago.

Do you have a celebration dance?            

It changes from week to week.  In the locker room, if we see something that we want to do.  Like last week, it was putting one finger up.  So thats what we were doing .

No Gangam style or Cat Daddy?    

No.  Couple of guys did the Cat Daddy.  Two weeks ago, one guy did that Gangnam style.  I didn’t know what he was doing when he started!

Have you ever considered a career in music?        

I have been blessed with a lot of things in my life.  Musical talent is not one of them.  I cannot sing, I cannot play any instruments.  I guess I’m good at listening to music.  I could be a listener!

If you were to go into music, which artist would you collaborate with?

Erykah Badu and Common.  They just seem so cool to me.  They seem real.  Everything I’ve ever heard of them, I have liked.  Definitely Common and Erykah Badu.  Thats the first CD I ever had was Erykah Badu.  Me and my momma used to listen to that all the time.  It’s the one where she was live in concert.

If you had to pick one Erykah Badu song to listen to for the rest of your life, which would you pick?          

Didn’t Cha Know [He even sang a little bit for us!]

That’s a wrap!  And follow him on instagram at lfrank_wayne!