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Interview with Tim Lambesis of AS I Lay Dying

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Here is an interview I had with with AS I Lay Dying lead singer Tim Lambesis at the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Dallas, TX.

Kelland: How are you guys using social media and other forms of new media to build your brand?
Tim: A lot of our peers have a really big following n social media sites and some of the older and more established bands don’t have a big following, so Facebook likes aren’t always a good indication of how popular a band is. In our situation, we view social media and sites like Twitter as a public mailing list. We can easily notify our fans that we have a a new single out or if we are playing at a venue in their city. However, you have to be careful because fans are smart enough to know if the interaction is genuine or if you are only their to advertise your music.

Kelland:Out of all the different site available right now, is there anyone that works best for AS I LAy Dying?
Tim: Individually we all have our own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We also have a central page for the band. From the bands perspective, our Facebook page gets the most traffic and from an individual perspective our Instagram pages gets the most interaction.

Kelland: After being in the biz for so long, what motivates you?
Tim: There are definitely time when I get burnt out, but what happens is we will be home for tour for a while to work on a record and the end of that vacation period I can’t wait to get back on the road. We have been on this tour for about two weeks with this tour, but I know by the end of next week I’ll probably be read to get back home again. It’s that’s constant change that keep me going.

Kelland: Why does San Diego have such a great live music scene now?
Tim: Growing up in San Diego there were a million things to do except play music. Certain parts of San Diego history is more entrenched in doing stuff like surfing and outdoor sports. For some reason in the last ten years the live music scene just really kicked off, but I honestly can’t explain it.

Kelland: What made you pick up an instrument for the first time?
Tim: I always was a fan of music, but when I saw some of my friends playing I thought I could contribute and make their ideas better. I wanted to learn an instrument only so I could be a better song writer.

Kelland: What would have to happen for you to be happy with your progress five years from now?
Tim: Just more genuine interaction with our fans which would give us more longevity. Just being sincere with the way I write music and the way I perform songs is enough for me.