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10 Interesting Facts on Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

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confessions-of-a-video-vixenWhen you think of hip-hop one of your first thoughts are the groupies. Unlike groupies for rock bands, pop artists, and country stars, groupies for hip-hop artists are at the forefront of the industry; they’re more prominent in terms of their image. The most notorious hip-hop groupie is Karrine Steffans or most notably known as “Superhead.” Her memoir, released in 2005, details all of her sexual escapades from the first 25 years of her life. She’s made a living on using sex for her gain and now here are ten facts on Karrine Steffans that you may find interesting.

Karrine Steffans

• In her book she details having sex with athletes, rappers, and singers including Usher, Shaquille O’Neal, DMX, Xzibit, Jay-Z, and more.


• Had a baby with rapper Kool G Rap. She claimed that he was abusive towards her.



• Appeared in over 20 rap videos including Jay Z’s Hey Papi, Xzibit’s Front 2 Back, R. Kelly’s Feelin’ on Yo Booty.

Man Apart

• Co-starred in the film A Man Apart with Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate.


• She grew up in the Caribbean, specifically the Virgin Islands.


• She claimed that she suffered sexual abuse when she was younger and that she allowed herself to be sexually exploited to obtain work.


• Married Darius McCrary of Family Matters fame.



• Her first video appearance was Hey Papi at the age of 21.


• Wrote a comic book entitled Vixen Saint Angelo. Check it out here.


• Karrine was born Yizette Santiago.

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