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Instinct Wants to To Make You A Rock Star in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Instead of practicing for months and months for a corny recital, how cool would it be to learn how to play your favorite song in less than 10 minutes?

Well, Instinct is a new music start-up that instantly teaches you how to learn real songs, in real time while receiving instant feedback. The lessons are 100% internet based which means no downloading and its compatible with any browser. Below is a brief interview that I had with the start ups Co-Founder Blake Jennelle., as he explains the challenges of learning to play a new instrument and what makes learning to play the guitar with Instinct so damn easy…

Who are the people behind Instinct?

There’s just two of us, Brian and Blake. We built Instinct because I (Blake) was learning the guitar as an adult and struggling with the same things that had frustrated Brian when he taught himself guitar as a kid. As software developers, we started to imagine our dream software and before long we were building it.

What are some of the biggest challenges that most people face when trying to learn a new instrument?

The hardest part of learning an instrument is that you’re alone most of the time. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a weekly lesson or a class at school, the majority of your playing time is at home by yourself.

Because you’re new to the instrument, you’re going to make mistakes and forget things. You might forget where to put your fingers or how to play a section of music. You might play some wrong notes without realizing it.

Instinct detects each note you play and gives you instant feedback. It helps you when you get stuck. It suggests things you can practice to improve.

We want the software to be there for you exactly when you need it.

What makes Instinct the easiest way to learn a musical instrument?

Instinct listens to you play and gives you feedback in real-time. It shows you where to put your hands for each note and then, when you play a note correctly, you see that note fill in on the screen.

You learn the best practice habits without thinking about it. Plus it’s really fun to use. It feels like a game.

How does Instinct help people to stay motivated when learning to play a musical instrument?

Success is the best motivator. We get you playing real songs right away. You hear yourself getting better each time you use it, and it makes you want to keep going.

We also added a bunch of surprises and game elements that make it easy to get hooked.

Currently, what instruments can you learn how to play using Instinct?

So far it’s just guitar. We plan to add more instruments once we get the guitar product just right.

What type of impact would you like to have on public school music education programs: middle schools, marching bands, etc?

We’re really excited about what Instinct can do for schools. It’s so hard being a music teacher today. You’re teaching so many kids at once and you don’t get much one-on-one time with each student.

With Instinct, each student can practice at their own pace. Then the teacher can walk around the room, listening to each student play and giving the one-on-one feedback they really need. While the teacher is working with one student, all the others are having a blast with Instinct.