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Ingrea Aberra and her Big ‘Dreams’

Ingrea Aberra is a true renaissance woman. The actress, model, singer/songwriter is probably a familiar face to you as she has appeared in countless magazines such as Ebony, Wedding Nouveau and a national ad campaign with Wal-Mart.

Ingrea was born in Louisiana to an Eritrean father and African-American mother. Her musical influences are a range of many genres from jazz and hip hop to pop and gospel music. Ingrea began singing in the choir at her grandfather’s church when she was a little girl and she later sang in her high school choir.

During her college years at the University of North Texas, Ingrea sang lead and backup for a neo-soul band called SolBol and she is now making music of her own. She loves music for many reasons with one of them being the fact that music brings so many different types of people together. Seeing this at several concerts was the motivation Ingrea needed to begin making her own music, and she is all too eager to share.

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