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I’m Sorry Mrs Jackson and I am For Real

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“Never meant to make your daughter cry. I apologize a trillion times. I’m sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), I am for real.” Those are the words to one of my favorite Outkast tunes.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Katherine Jackson on ABS News tell the world that she was ok and resting in Arizona. It was like a hostage scene as Janet, Latoya, and Jermaine Jackson stood behind their mom as she struggled to read a scripted “I AM OK letter.”

The story has played out like a play from Shakespeare as Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, took to the internet saying her grandmother was missing for a few days and other members of the Jackson clan refuting her claims and insisting the 82-year-old Jackson Family matriarch was alive and well. While Katheine was resting in Arizona, TJ Jackson, the son of Michael’s older brother Tito gained temporary custody of Michael’s kids and some of the sibling were apparently upset. There seems to be so many conflicting statements and stories that no one know’s what the truth is.

All of the drama that transpired within the last few weeks has me wondering, what is going on with the Jackson family? Why would she go on “vacation” and not tell her grandkids who were in her custody and why does Paris think that her aunts and uncles are out to take their inheritance? At the same time, I’m wondering what does Papa Joe Jackson have to say about all of this drama? Growing up as a kid, I thought 2300 Jackson St. was always a place I could call home. I’ guess not.

As of today, the custody of Michael Jackson children have been returned to Katherine; Janet, Jermaine and Randy are banned from visiting the kids and things seem to be working their way back to “normal” with the Jackson clan, but the chorus keeps repeating itself in my head “I’m sorry Mrs Jackson and I am For Real….”