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CrazySexyCool: “I’m In The Jungle and I’m Free”

Tonight, I had a chance to watch the TLC CrazySexCool movie. The movie took an in-depth look at one of the greatest female groups of all-time. The background story of Chili, T-Boz and Left Eye’s rise to fame played out very well on this VH1 movie. Watching the group go throgh the politics of the music industry, reminded me of a time when all artists were destined to financial ruins.

“I’m about to rape the game like Puffy did Total. ” – Rick Ross

CrazySexyCool showed the twisted contracts and financial debauchery that the girls dealt with, at the hands of Pebbles and La Face Records. S2S magazines is reporting that T-Boz is bracing herself for slander lawsuit.

One of the reason, I once respect Suge Knight is by force he helped artist like Jodeci, Mary J. Blidge and Dr. Dre get out of the f***u p contracts that were prevalent during the 90’s. Watching the girls storm into Clive Davis’ office and demand for payment was classic. At one point, I thought they were going to shoot up Arista records office.

Before Destiny’s Child, there was a group named TLC that took the music industry by storm with songs like “Friends,” “Waterfall” and “Creep.” The most interesting thing about TLC, is their songs had deep social messages that somehow crossed over to the mainstream. One of the most powerful lines from the movie was Left Eye in Honduras saying all her life she wanted to be in the jungle with the animals and now “I’m in the jungle and I’m free.”

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