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iHeartRadio: Mobile App Review

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iHeartRadio: Mobile App Review 4 out of 5

As more and more digital media start-ups are beginning to impose their presence as the new leaders of tomorrow’s consumer music consumption experience, we must not forget FM Radio’s long reign over the audio world. As much hands on interaction as services such as Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and many others offer us as, the average music fan has always appreciated the simplicity of radio.

As an answer to the latest craze in interactive social/media applications, Clear Channel has introduced iHeartRadio to the Smart Phone generation. IHeartRadio has access to over 800+ live, local radio stations from around the United States, exclusive digital-only stations and celebrity-hosted channels, as well as exclusive videos.

Fans of local radio can search their favorite FM radio station on their Android or Iphone and tune into regularly scheduled programming by typing in their city, state, and zip codes. If you want to create your own station“iHeartRadio network has a database of over 400,000 artists and 11 million songs to choose from.

A unique plus for “iHeartRadio” users is the ability to search other News and Talk radio programs from different states, and countries across the globe. We’ve always wondered what DJ’s on other radio stations in different cities are playing. With iHeartRadio, the answer to that question can be answered with a simple search and preference setting.

If you live in Dallas, Tx and have ever wondered what they’re listening to in Springfield Missouri, simply search through iHeartRadio’s list of programming and you can stream what’s playing on the air live via Iphone. At a time when radio had nearly been forgotten, iHeartRadio reminds us what started it all.

iHeartradio’s unique transfusion of popular radio programming with modern day technological advancement gives it an advancement over other digital music services. This App receives a 4 out of 5 rating.


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