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iHeartRadio is the future of radio

People have been speculating for the last several years on the future of radio, and I think Clear Channel has found the answer with IHeartRadio. IHeartRadio allows its users to listen to over 850 local radio stations from across the country and around the world. Yes, local radio which means you can still listen to your favorite morning show.

It does what Siri/XM and Pandora have failed to do by combining great local programming with the digital customization that music consumers have grown accustomed to. The mobile app is currently available for download on Android, Blackberry, Window and Apple phones.

Some of music’s biggest artists such as Weezer, Megadeth, Christina Aguilera and The Eagles have their own A.P.E (artist personal experience shows) on iHeart. In addition, Iheart is now available on XBOX 360 and they recently added 14 college radio stations to their list.

My only concern with iHeart is, knowing if Clear Channel will partner up with their direct competitors like Radio One and Univision who serve specific markets.

Props to Clear Channel for being proactive and positioning their brand on all formats. If other media companies like Tower Records, Blockbuster and Borders would have been more proactive then they would have still been major players in the game as well.