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What’s better than having the ability to listen to your favorite local stations and artist based stations like those on Pandora with the same app? The iHeart Radio For Windows Phone app gives you just that, with the ability to create your own custom stations and purchase the music you like via Windows Marketplace.

With over 850 radio stations available; you can listen to some of the best FM radio shows in the country like On Air with Ryan Seacrest and The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM in New York. iHeart Radio is simply one of the best streaming radio apps available for Windows-based phones. The windows phone app is extremely easy to use and it requires little effort to create an artist station. Simply search for the artist that you like and iHeart Radio automatically chooses music from similar artists. You can personalize your station by voting for the song that you are listening to which will trigger the app to find similar songs.

Another great perk to this app is the sound quality of the streams is phenomenal, as I didn’t notice a sound difference switching between channels. The major downfall to this app so far is, it doesn’t have a lot of local stations using its format in comparison to a service like TuneIn Radio. I’m not sure if its due to the fact that iHeart Radio is part of Clear Channel Communications, but it definitely needs to work on getting more “great” local radio stations on board.

Overall, I think the iHeart Radio app for Windows phone is great but until it gets more local radio stations I would only use it for its artist based stations.