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If A Single Song Cost $0.10 to $0.25 Would You Buy All Your Music?

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From Reddit:

I’d definitely pay $0.25 for a song and $3-4 for an entire CD. If the distributor (such as iTunes) and label/producer took a smaller percentage of the profits then artists could easily make the same 10cents per download that they do at current prices (around $1 for a single song).

There is a reason most people download their music illegally, and its because prices are too high. Why don’t we expect the music industry to adjust to new technologies and social trends? Downloading music illegally is fundamentally different than theft; would you sue someone for burning and sharing a CD? I just don’t believe the music industry has any right to keep prices high and pull in increasing profits, while artists suffer (I’m talking start-ups and less popular bands, not Chris Brown) and the consumer must resort to committing a crime to enjoy music.

While not me personally, I know people who cannot afford to pay for music. Such a beautiful thing should never become so commercialized that everyone can’t enjoy it.

Music is equivalent to art and you don’t see people convicted of stealing art when they visit a museum; why should someone be convicted of any crime for experiencing music?

I’m just under the impression that society should tailor itself to allow certain interests to trump others, except instead of money being the most important thing, music, nature, etc. should be number one /rant.

Original Source: Reddit