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Ian Curtis’ Suicide Table Up For Auction!

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iancurtisDo you know who Joy Division is? Neither do I. I did some research and learned about their album history. They only released two albums a year apart from one another. They were an English rock band and had a tremendous following. Lead singer Ian Curtis, however, didn’t live too long to see Joy Division become a major success as he committed suicide at the young age of 23 in 1980. He hung himself atop a table in a kitchen due to multiple reasons. His life was even the central plot for the film Control starring Sam Riley.

The table, on which Curtis expired himself on, was sold alongside the house to a neighbor. The table was then past along to the neighbor’s daughter. When the table was no longer needed, the woman offered it back to the Curtis family. This is where the controversy kicks in. Natalie, Ian’s daughter eventually sold the table on eBay. Now that owner is reselling the table on eBay.

Bidding ended yesterday and the table was sold off for £8,400 or about $13,444. The former members of Joy Division have expressed their disapproval of the online auction stating:


“Furthermore, [the Curtis family] consider the sale of a personal family item, and the subsequent media reporting, to be distasteful and upsetting.”


I disagree. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but the table was given away and handed down before being sold on eBay. The Curtis family didn’t have any possession of the table for years so why are they upset when the table is being sold? I just don’t get it.


Do you think it’s wrong to sell, let alone buy, this piece of furniture?



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