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I Am A Musician and This Is How I Feel About Gay Marriages

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Since President Obama stated he was in support of Gay Marriages, the country has been in a complete uproar over a topic that we have been debating for decades.

When I was in junior high,I remember discussing the topic in my civics class and that was ages ago. There are three main issues that seems to divide people across the board in American politics: Abortion, The Death Penalty, and Same Sex marriages.

Many people have stated that Obama is just making a play to pick up campaign funding from gay voters. Others think this is his belief and feel he is taking a stance to create equal rights for all citizens in the “land of opportunity.” With that being said, I decided to reach out to a few musicians to get their opinions on the subject of gay marriages.

Brian Thompson – Thorny Bleeder Records
“Gay marriage. What’s not to support about two humans who love each other and want to express it in the most meaningful way they can? The world needs more love and less hate.”

Scooter Benjamin – RocOne Music
“Well we have the Freedom of Speech Amendment. During earlier generations, there was always a fight for a cause i.e. Equal rights for Blacks, Women on the right to Vote, the Desegregation of schools, Smoking in public. So there has always been matters considered Taboo that have shaped this country and now there is a fight for gay marriage. I’m neither for nor against the matter. It’s another form of change.”

Courtney Hamptom – Hip Hop Artist
“My perspective of “gay marriage” is that I disagree with it totally. I don’t judge the people that choose to do it though, but I know we as a human race weren’t created to adopt that principal. Remember God destroyed cities for this same thing. I will still love them as a human being though.”

Elijah MC – Hip Hop Artist
“I don’t have a position on gay marriage as it’s not something that affects me personally. However, dictating what another human being can or cannot do does affect me. I feel if people are causing no harm or loss to another man/woman. They are free do as they please. There are things i do that people may or may not agree with. People are allowed to agree or disagree as is their right. All of us at one time or another have felt one way, and over time have changed our position. You need to allow people their own expression regardless.”

That’s not to say one is right and one is wrong. It’s simply to recognise that there are multiple conclusions to be drawn. It’s possible for it to be right for one and wrong for another. Not everything in life has a single result. People can’t be treated like a math problem,1+1 = 2. When you consider a machine. you can take it to bits and spread the parts all over the floor. If you put it back together in the same way, it will work fine. If you try the same thing with a cat, it’s not going to work. even if you have the best surgeons in the world. There is something fundamentally different about life that goes beyond a simple yes or no.”

There are too many things in this world that divide. There are only a few that unify. I feel its more important to focus on the similarities rather than the differences. is it wrong to cause harm or loss, yes. Is it wrong to dictate to another man/woman how to live and behave outside of harm or loss, yes. If we can agree on these things then all that’s left is allow people their freedoms and accept that its ok to both agree and disagree.”

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  • Septima Michelle

    We want our American Civil Rights granted to every tax paying citizen in the Land of Opportunity. We don’t ask for your religious point of view…who We Love is between Us and God…You don’t get to decide for Us and We don’t decide for You! Our U.S. Civil Rights and Human Rights should already protect Us!  I should not have to have legal documents drawn up to say it is ok or to prevent Anyone from trying to denying me the right to see My Beloved in a hospital.  My Civil Rights should allow Me and My Beloved to cover each other on a health insurance policy. My Civil Rights should recognize the adoption of “Our Child” as a Dual Adoption. I or My Beloved as a Survivor should recieve the others pension or social security benefits. Since We are Both Taxpayers, We should be able to file Together.

    This Country had to Evolve to let Women have Rights, to let Blacks have Rights, to let Interracial Couples have Rights…NOW, We Want Our Rights as Citizen of The United States Of America!

    And Yes, just so you know, What A Friend I Have In Jesus…when I could turn to or talk to no one else, not moma, not sister, not brother, not the preacher nor a politician… “Jesus was there for Me and Loved Me Unconditionally.” ….and the Greatest of These is LOVE.

    29 years with my Beloved and one child later…God is Good!

  • Mwhite1232000

    To me
    being in a same sex relationship is a personal preference, there should be away
    to obtain equal civil rights for loved ones without having to define your
    sexual preferences and involve a traditional religious practice like marriage.

    I believe
    in equal rights. I believe everyone should have the same rights regardless of
    their sexual preference. I also believe that there are certain principals that
    are Biblical and others that are political. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”
    marriage is of God. God in the Biblical sense is not in support of a homosexual
    lifestyle, so how can a Biblical principal ordain a same sex relationship?
    These issues are separate, give everyone equal rights under the constitution
    & state laws – yes, but find a term outside of religious beliefs, just like the act is outside
    of religious beliefs.