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How We Celebrated Record Store Day In The UK

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Anyone who remembers the John Cusack/Jack Black record store from ‘High Fidelity‘ (and, by the way, you really should read the book by Nick Hornby), would have loved Record Store Day on 21 April 2012 in the leafy town of Letchworth.

By 8am on this cold Saturday in April, there was a queue of at least 150 people winding its way past the baker and the travel agent. No-one was interested in buns or flights. The sole subject of discussion was which vinyl people had bought recently or were looking out for.

Dominic, 21, said: “There’s a long list of exclusive and limited edition releases and quite a few I’m interested in. I just like having a physical product to hold. It’s worth driving for half an hour and spending another hour queuing in the cold.”

One of the youngest in the queue was Rosie, 15. She said: “I’m keen to get hold of the Arctic Monkeys on vinyl, but I don’t know if we got here early enough. It’ll be nice to hold onto the album and see the cover in full size.”

“This is the fourth year we’ve participated in this, the biggest and most exciting day of the indie calendar,” says Paul Wallace, owner of David’s Music. “We also laid on our best ever line-up of live performances, with bands performing right through the afternoon.”

Although the original idea of Record Store Day began in the US in 2007, the UK has joined in and this year we were So So Active on Twitter taking a lead in publicising stores and releases online. And, of course, in Letchworth, cups of tea and bacon butties were provided (in exchange for a charitable donation) to chilly queuers.