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Digital Media Resources To Help You Shed the Holiday Weight

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Holidays are often those times of year when moderation flies out the window and people offhandedly remark that, “It’s the holidays, calories don’t count.” Which is all well and good until the post holiday guilt creeps up and blindsides you.

I’ve collected a series of articles to try and help relieve some of the stress and guilt of holiday eating. The articles will help to motivate you as you approach the holidays so that you don’t get bogged down when they finally arrive.

There are several concepts that permeate the subject of nutrition and the holiday season: belly fat, finding time between the chaos for simple and effective exercise, including healthier foods into trusted recipes, and alternatives to snacking. I have compiled a list of tips to help you get started:

– Hydrate.

– Offer healthy dishes.

– Don’t go to a party hungry.

– If you’re going to indulge in the meal, keep the liquids light.

– Eat 4-6 smaller meals rather than “saving” yourself for a holiday binge.

– Walk when you can. Park further away when shopping – every bit counts.

– Have a support system to push you through those moments when you lack motivation.

– Plan your exercise before a holiday party/meal. Your body’s heightened metabolism will be more effective at burning your indulgences.

If these tips have wetted your interest in taking on the battle of the holidays and coming out victorious, the links will take you straight to articles designed to tackle the subject.

10 strategies to prevent the holiday bulge

Contoured especially for the athlete, these 10 strategies will help you sidestep holiday temptations and focus on reaching and maintaining peak fitness. Each strategy relies in some degree on physiological research, so you can rest easy knowing that the nutritional information you receive is the real deal.


The key to reaching your ideal weight is to always have a plan, and stick to it. Unlike most health and fitness regimes, these 5 tips make managing holiday stressors and your own fitness needs truly easy by keeping it simple and basic.

How to survive the holidays

With so many temptations, the holiday season often seems the time to lose sight of our fitness goals, and can threaten to unravel our progress. Here, expert trainers and sports nutritionists have gathered the top five excuses women give for letting their goals slip and time-tested strategies for keeping it together.

No holiday weight gain

A great resource when you’re lacking motivation to get back on the track – or stay on it – this article illustrates readers’ biggest struggles during the holiday season, and offers sympathetic, reasonable modifications to your holiday habits that allow you to both keep your eye on the prize and enjoy your holiday traditions.

Fretless holiday fitness

As the title suggests, this article features 6 simple ideas that make the guilty expectations of the holidays a light, stress-free process without excessive modification to your everyday routine.

Top 5 tips for holiday fitness

When our attention is divided during the holiday season, it’s easy to push our healthy choices and habits to the sidelines. The following article features 5 popular tips for staying healthy and sane during the holidays. This includes a brief 30 minute work out and smart suggestions for saving yourself from post-party temptation.


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