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How To Kill A Rapper – Part I

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I was lonely and desperate and I figured I had done ever thing that I could do in Dallas. So, I got In my car and drove 20+ hours to New York not knowing where I was going to stay or anything.

Looking back, I don’t know what the hell I was doing driving to NY anyway. It cost me $30 dollars a day to park my car at the Enterprise parking lot in Upper Manhattan, and only $20 bucks a day to live in a shitty hostel on West 95th and Broadway.

I was really reaching back then, and due to the fact that I had just broke up with my fiance of three years, I really needed to get the hell out of Dallas. I had about $20,000 on me, so I wasn’t really hurting for money.

I figured that NY was the perfect place for me to do my music and get a fresh start. I had a few people that I knew from down south who were living in NY, but when I got there all of those bastards turned out to be flakes. So here I was in a damn hostel sharing a restroom with a bunch people from all over the world.

I was in NY on the grind meeting people like Angie Stone, Memphis Bleek and Sway from MTV. Everyday I would go into the city hitting up record labels and performing at every open mic I could find. A few months later, my aunt died of cancer – I got the hell up out of Ny and drove my ass back to Dallas.

The year had to have been 2008, and I found myself back in the streets doing some crazy sh?? that would have put me in jail for a while. So I was riding around one day and I got a call from my old boss asking me did I want my job back. I was down to like 9k at the time, so I was like hell yes. Till this day, I still thank him for for saving my life, because Lord Knows where I was headed.

I took the job, started working and eventually got back in the groove. I hooked up with a local Dallas producer named Goldfinger who is known for the Dallas classic Scheek Fool and we made a few nice tracks.

I put about 5,000 promo cd’s in the streets a got a decent buzz with a record called “Table Dance.” It’s a young cat called ME that has a song called “Dance Like A Stripper” out now that totally swagger jacks my style, but it is what it is huh?

After pushing around in Dallas for about 6 months, I got a call from my boss saying they needed some help in our Atlanta office. So, I was like cool Atlanta it is. Atlanta was pretty cool, for the most. I met a few people and ended up meeting a young kid named CEO Charlie who had a site called Spityogame.com. CEO Charlie was at the forefront of the Atlanta teen movement and he had helped Souljah Boy blow during his first album.

At the time, Charlie was helping a lot of people get deals so he approached me with an offer of 1k to help me out. After paying him the money, he didn’t finish his end of the deal and he ended up stiffing me. I wanted to kill him at the time, even though I had no intention lol but i was just that mad. At the time, his main priority was a new Atlanta trio that he had just put together called Travis Porter and the rest is history..

A few months after that incident the economy crashed, my house got foreclosed and I was back in Dallas.

To be continued….