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How Rihanna got 48 million Facebook Likes

Since Rihanna is the most liked female artist on Facebook, I decided to do some research into what makes her fan page so successful. I know your probably thinking how hard is it to pick up fans when Esquire magazine calls you the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive.’ Right? Yeah Your probably right, but it still takes a bit of effort to put up those kind of numbers..

So here is what i found…

If you start with her landing page, which is usually the first page that someones views if they have not clicked the like button. Rhianna’s is pretty interactive. Once you like her page you begin a mission which is known as ‘Rihanna Unlocked.’ Each mission introduces you to new content from Rihanna such as songs, videos, and lyrics.

A few other things i noticed about her fan page is she has a link to her iTunes store and social sharing buttons which means her fans can share her page with their friends on Twitter and Facebook. Currently her fan page has been shared 19,400 times on Twitter and liked over 1,000 times on Facebook!

Another unique feature on Rihanna’s fan page is her ‘Loudest Fan Gallery’ where fans can submit pictures and each week the most liked pictures are featured on her page. This works extremely well with huge amount of narcissistic people floating around on cyberspace. One of this weeks featured fan photos has over 182,000 likes. Maybe they should drop an album.

Rihanna’s Navy Vip is a newsletter were fans sign up for email and text updates. In almost every update she mentions Rihanna Navy. So if I am a fan and I haven’t signed up for the Navy Vip Newsletter, I may feel a bit left out. I guess Obama isn’t the only one that wants your phone number.

Rihanna also asks her fans questions constantly. I mean she even asks questions on her pictures. Some examples include:
Which song on Talk That Talk should be Rihanna’s next single?
Wanna get down with the Navy? Become a Rihanna Navy VIP today!

Random Thought:Eminem is the most liked musician on Facebook with over 50 million fans but his fan page doesn’t have a landing page and his last update was a video of his newly signed artist Yelawolf on December 16th of last year..Slim Shady?

From asking questions, writing notes, and selling merchandise Rihanna is redefining Facebook marketing for musicians.

Hats off to the marketing Department at Def Jam. Maybe they should take over her Twitter as well, but drunk tweets are more entertaining than sober tweets.

Talk That Talk!