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How Musicians are using Google+ Hangouts

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Since Google+ is a fairly uncharted territory for most musicians, I decided to give a brief look into how some artists are using Google Hangouts to promote their brands and connect their with fans.

Hangouts is Google+ live video chat service which allow users to invite memebers of their circle to join them in a live video conference.

On September 21, 2011 Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am became the first person to officially host a Google+ Hangout by giving his fans backstage access to one of their concerts. Since then, other artists have been jumping on board and using hangouts to give fans a closer look into their lives.

Singer/songwrter Daria Musk made her Google+ debut when she hosted an 8 hour hangout concert last August. Since then, she has went on to become on of the most followed users on Google+ and one of the few musicians that actually knows how to effectively use the network to promote her brand. On New Years Eve she hosted a “New Years Hangout” where she connected with thousands of her fans worldwide and posted a map with pins that indicated their location on her profile.

With additional updates made last month which allow users to turn their status updates into a hangout, Google+ is a great place for artists to engage their fans who are currently using gmail and other Google products to connect with them.