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How Musicians are using Foursquare

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In the past six years, we’ve seen social networking grow from being used for hobby purposes to promotional marketing tools, and now simply a way of life for individuals, social groups, and businesses alike. The most recent trends in the social networking world have been the emergence of check-in applications which let other’s now where you are when engaging in social activity. Currently the most popular check in service is Foursquare.

Foursquare began in 2009 and since then has become a social networking phenomenon amongst its 15 million+ users. The Foursquare application uses your smart device to interact with all your synced social networks including Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. By checking in to various venues such as restaurants, concert halls, bars, and stores, users earn points and badges for recurring check-ins. Businesses are increasingly becoming more interactive with customers using Foursquare by offering discounted products for checking in to their venue, increasing promotion and advertising on-the-spot.

Last year Foursquare strengthened its use in the live music world during SXSW by offering free tickets to concerts via check-ins and badge earnings. Big Boi held a private concert at the start of SXSW in Austin, Tx sponsored by Foursquare admitting only attendees who had checked into a previous event earlier that same day. More musicians use the app daily in order to become more visibly interactive with their fans, friends and fellow peers. Interested in seeing what your favorite celebrity is doing at the moment? All you have to do is request them as a friend on Foursquare and you’ll know where they are every time they check-in.

Now more than ever, public figures are linked to their fans directly via social networking services galore. In attracting the same appeal of foursquare, Facebook added a check-in feature to status updates with tagging to publicly display whom you are while engaging in social activity. More and more DJ’s and musicians are increasing show attendance simply by checking in their Foursquare during performances, keeping a catalogue of their activity throughout the week.

It seems nothing is private anymore, and the farther advanced technology has become, the more public we want our lives to be. Besides everyone always wants to be the first to know where the party is or where are the “cool” people are at. Now, with the click of a button in the palm of your hands, you’ll always know exactly where and when its all going down; all the time.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com