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How Musical Matchmaking Site TasteBuds Helped One Lucky Couple Get Married

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Tastebuds is the best place to meet people who share your taste in music. Find concert buddies, chat in real time and discover new music. Maybe you can find your soul mate like Matt and Athena!

ATHENA: I joined Tastebuds in February 2011 after seeking an alternative to Match and OK Cupid. Matt was one of the first guys to message me and the only guy I went on a date with. We decided to meet for coffee in the afternoon and ended up spending six hours together. After coffee, he took me to see his studio (he was the artist in residence at the time for the Armory Center for the Arts) and bought me some chili cheese fries while he had a salad for dinner.

BANDS IN COMMON? Band of Horses, Beach House, Broken Social Scene, Cat Power, Hall & Oates, Local Natives, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Pavement, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Tom Waits

MATT: The thing I liked about Tastebuds is that even though it could be used as a dating site, it didn’t HAVE to be. It seemed like a great way to just meet like-tasted people to go to shows with. I know that both Athena and I did join with the intention of using it as a dating site though. I can’t speak to Athena’s history with dating sites, but I had used them sporadically and found them to be frustrating, mainly due to all the questions one had to sift through to find a connection, and for the bigger dating site, the sheer VOLUME of people. That just seemed to make it harder to meet someone you really connected with. I think the stigma over internet dating is finally..FINALLY starting to diminish. It’s difficult to meet someone these days who hasn’t at least given it a thought.

It was nice to see someone who liked all the bands that I liked..it acted like an instant icebreaker…and especially because we had that show experience in common (we both attended the Pavement / Sonic Youth show at the Hollywood Bowl a month or so before) I can’t overemphasize the importance of music compatibility in a relationship. It seems trivial, but if your partner doesn’t like your music, or vice versa it can really drive a wedge and can become a recurring source of frustration. Because we had that in common, the first couple months of dating involved going to a bunch of shows together which was awesome (Yuck, Cass McCombs, MEN, Girls, Papercuts, Peter, Bjorn and John)…as we slowly got to know each other. Now that we’re all DOMESTIC it’s harder to see shows together though we always talk about it. And we are, of course, extremely grateful that Tastebuds existed to bring us together!

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