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How to Get Your Music Posted on Blogs

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How to get your music posted on blogs is not as simple as you think, especially if you’re a new independent artist with a small fanbase. Here are a few tips to help, but I can’t give you all the tricks or I may put myself out of business. Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Hire me if you need help.

No Old Music
Just because it hasn’t been posted many places doesn’t mean it’s not old. Google date stamps everything and bloggers check to see when music came out. If you uploaded the song or video anywhere it’s traceable, even if you just put it on your twitter page.

When requesting a web feature, make sure your campaign is in place PRIOR to releasing the music. Reach out to your contacts before putting out the music to give them a heads up. Then you need to hit as many people as possible in the first couple days of posting your material. Of course there are some sites that will seek out your older material, AFTER you become a highly demanded artist on their site. Until then, keep it fresh.

It’s like a Blockbuster film, they promote with previews months in advance and after a couple weeks in the theatres the movie is removed – regardless if anyone watched it or not. Treat your music the same. Unfortunately the internet is extremely fast paced nowadays and admittedly very wasteful, your music has a short shelf life. Make it count.

Visuals with Everything
Nowadays just a song won’t cut it. You need professional photos, song artwork, show videos, studio footage, official music videos, any creative visuals people can see to go with what they are hearing. Camera phone pics won’t cut it either, you need to have a photo shoot with several looks. When your music catches on the media will need to show people what you look like. Personally if I get an mp3 with no photo I’ll trash the email, I don’t have time to search your Twitter/FB/Instagram for a picture, unless you’re famous already.

Send Both MP3 File and Host Link
Some bloggers prefer to create their own download link so send the file attachment as well as a link to the song to your media share like soundcloud, bandcamp, etc. Make sure you read How to Label an MP3.

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