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Hot or Not Spotify App Review

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Hot or Not is yet another socially centered app for Spotify. The concept is another way to increase the system’s awareness of user preferences using a simple voting capability.

Spotify will randomly select popular music catered to the listener’s taste and offer a Hot or Not voting button. It compares the music you vote on with other Spotify users from your Facebook account. By signing in using your Facebook account it already has your friends integrated into the system settings and begins tallying votes.

Once you vote “Hot” or “Not” the system calculates your vote with the outcome of other users’ choices based on a percentage scale. Every vote offers individual points and increased points add up to badges. Your choices are of course broadcasted to your Facebook and various music your friends have voted on is offered at random.

You can have the selections at random or choose based on various genres such as Party, Rock, and Urban. If you choose to vote similar to the majority percentage of other users you will amass more points. For example – if you vote “Not” on a song in which more than 50% others have also voted the same, you will receive more points. If you vote in the minority percentage, you’ll only a receive a single point.

Songs you’ve voted Hot are automatically placed on a playlist for later playback. The idea seems cool, but as many other apps, there are several bugs. For the first several attempts, there was a system failure to log-in using Facebook and once this error was corrected, the first song played fine but then failed to play any music after clicking the play button on the next track. Since I was familiar with much of the music, I voted anyway – even without music playing once a selection was offered. There are also delays in clicking on the voting buttons as you have to click several times before the app responds.

I was disappointed to so many good selections in which much of my network of friends voted majority “Not” which has me very skeptical of the statistics given. I still don’t understand what the badges are for but once the noted errors are corrected I’ll spend more time with the app. For now because of the playback and response issues I rate Hot or Not a 2/5.